Lizzie Hutton is director of the Howe Writing Center, as part of the Howe Center for Writing Excellence, and assistant professor in English at Miami University, Ohio. Her current project, Textual Transactions: Engaging Reading Writing in Higher Education, is a theoretical reconceptualization and intellectual history of Louise Rosenblatt’s transactional theory of literacy, especially as it applies to the study of advanced-level reading-writing and the transfer of knowledge and stances across these activities.

This academic year, Lizzie is presenting at the IWCA conference in Columbus, MLA in Seattle, and Cs in Milwaukee.

In 2019, her co-authored article with Anne Curzan, The Grammatical Status of However, was  published in the Journal of English Linguistics.

Lizzie’s poetry was recently featured in the the Denver Quarterly, The Moth Magazine, and Crab Orchard Review.

Her book of poetry, She’d Waited Millennia is available from New Issues Press.

All drawings on the site by Ernie Hutton